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A combination of Independent Living with personalized support services and healthcare.

Laundry &

Mulcaster Mews offer once a week laundry and cleaning services. All bedding and personal laundry can be done for every resident. Residents also have the option to do their own laundry, if they choose.

Safety &

All rooms are equipped with a 2-way voice call system, panic call buttons, fire alarms, hand rails in the bathrooms and hot water temperature balance systems. The rest of the facility is also equipped with sprinkler systems, emergency lighting systems, fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Drug Administration

Qualified staff is available 24hrs to administer daily medicine to all residents as required.

On-call Doctor

The on-call doctor can be available 24hrs a day, for any emergency or minor need.

Physical Therapy &

Available twice weekly, Mulcaster Mews has a team of professionals to help you on your path to recover from injury. Physical Therapy is an integral part of getting residents back to feeling their best .

Respite Care

Respite provides planned short-term care in retirement facility. Respite can also be a positive experience for the person receiving care. Through our Respite service we hope that people find their stay enjoyable and comfortable. 


We care for your entertainment. There is every genre for everyone so that your loved ones feel intrigued. Our library provides a comfortable environment for book and newspaper readers.

Common areas on every floor

We have common areas that invites everyone and bond together. Residents gather here, talk , listen to music, watch t.v. , play games, read newspaper in these spacious common rooms.

elevator, button, shining

Elevator at all levels

Elevators have been installed to provide comfort to the residents for going onto other floors. The elevators have all sorts of safety equipments.

Cable & telephone

Family members of the residents can choose between Bell or Rogers as a service provider for cable and telephone services for their loved ones.

Resident vehicle

We have plenty of parking space for residents and visitors which under cctv surveillance.

Shuttle Van

A shuttle van is operated at Mews timely so that the residents can be at ease when going out for recreation, grocery, shopping etc.

vending machines, coca cola, coke machine

24 hr self serve
beverage station

Want to enjoy a late night soft drink ? We got you covered.

Outdoor vegetable and flower garden

Relieve your hobby and show us your gardening skills in our garden.

Meals & Menu

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 3.10.09 PM

3 Balanced meals everyday

Meals prepared and served by trained staff

3 Snacks

4 Week

Special diets accommodated whenever possible


Respite Care

Respite care is a short-term or temporary placement in a care facility. Allowing relief to those who are caring for family members. Most often Respite Care is for elderly people who needs complete rest after an illness or a release from a hospital. Respite programs provide planned short-term  care stays in a facility designed to provide 24 hour medical care and support. Respite can also be a positive experience for the person receiving care. Through our Respite service we hope that people find their stay enjoyable and comfortable. Mulcaster Mews offers many services within the facility, that make daily life cheerful and rewarding.