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Independent living is a style of seniors’ care right for active, self-sufficient, and autonomous seniors who want to live in a community of people their age with similar interests.

With longterm supervision, your loved one has the right care at the right time. Retirement homes offer a comfortable residence alongside care services. … Residents cover the cost of their retirement home and care services. These are not subsidized in any way by the government.

Assisted living is a good alternative for people who are no longer able to live alone, but do not need intensive nursing care. Independent living preserves a senior’s independence and does not provide access to medical or nursing care.

The Retirement Homes Act protects seniors living in Ontario retirement homes. The Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority ( RHRA ) regulates all retirement homes in Ontario. The RHRA enforce care and safety standards and support the rights of residents through: licensing.

Visiting hours are anytime of the day, any day of the year. Our dedicated staff are available day and night to allow your loved ones access to visit while protecting your privacy.

There will be professional staff in the building 24 hours a day to ensure your security. They will be available to you at all times with a simple call, and would be pleased to check on you through the night if you have any concerns.

You may come and go as you please. For fire and safety purposes, we just ask that you sign-out when leaving and sign back in once you return. The sign out in book is located at the Front Desk.

You will have access to our 24-hour Emergency Response System.

The door is secured at night, and there is always staff available which will allow you the freedom to come and go as you please while ensuring safety and peace of mind.

We welcome pets to Mulcaster Mews, provided you are independent in caring for your pet and your pet is a good “fit” for our community. If you have a pet, please ask about our pet policies.

Yes, you are welcome to bring you car. There is ample parking available for licensed drivers who have their own vehicles.

Family and friends are welcome to join you in your home anytime. We ask that you notify the Front Desk so that they may ensure that a table is set-up for your company. Payment may be arranged through our Front Desk.

We ask all residents to sign a lease in order to ensure everyone is aware of their rights and the standards of the community. At that time, the charges for all services will be explained and provided in writing to ensure you are provided with complete financial information. However, you are not held to a long-term lease at any time, and we will request only 30 days notice if you wish to leave Mulcaster Mews for any reason.

To protect your privacy and to ensure security, we do not display a directory at the front door nor will staff give out your Suite or phone number. We will be happy to provide you with more information regarding our privacy policies when you move in, or upon request.

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