Activities @ Mews

Join us and rejoice

The cheerful environment is what Mulcaster Mews is known for. Everyone is involved in the celebration that refreshes your loved ones, enriches friendship and gives them the energy to live life to the fullest. All activities are chosen so that it matches the mental and physical co-ordination. The celebrations and activities are held under staff supervision and safety.


Join our signature event here at Mulcaster Mews. We dance, we sing, we bond and more importantly we care for each other.   This event is sparked by board games, bingo night, food and live performances.Led by our full-time and dedicated Life Enrichment Manager and supported by volunteers from outside organizations that opt-in to volunteer their time along with our staff to make a point that each resident is making the most of their daily lives.  

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Activities/spots near Mulcaster Mews

Never feel isolated indoors. Atmosphere around Mulcaster Mews provides opportunity to explore the beauties and refreshes mind and soul of your loved ones.

Shuttle Van service for Mews provide accessibility to all these wonderful spots and activities. 

Birthday Specials

Here at Mews we are a family, and we celebrate like a family. Each member’s birthday is celebrated with joy, cheer, food and ofcourse cake!

Explorers @ mews

The minds and spirits of your members are let free to explore their artistic  and cooking skills by providing them the materials for art and cooking. This hobby makes them constructive and a good way to interact with each other

we got your Leisure time covered

Never feel bored. Take a seat in our in our tv room and choose from a wide variety of tv shows, movies, music and more. There is a library for reader minds with ample literature and comics.

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